Welcome to BlackHawk Immigration Consulting (“BlackHawk”).  

We partner with our clients to navigate the immigration landscape and achieve their global talent needs.   Whether you are an individual, a law firm or a Fortune 500 company, our expert knowledge and experience can help you to navigate U.S. immigration law and its ever-changing legal framework. Our team of dedicated immigration professionals are committed to providing excellent services and the highest degree of client care.  From start to finish, our clients enjoy direct communication with our immigration experts and a streamlined tracking process to stay up to date with the status of each case.

Immigration can be a complicated maze...let BlackHawk walk you through it.

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Here's How We Can Help You:
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For Human Resources

We provide in-depth training for human resources staff, develop internal programs and protocols, and offer resources that support client management of robust compliance programs.   We  provide a thorough analysis and strategic planning for companies to best achieve the relocation of their international personnel. 


For Law Firms

Immigration process outsourcing is quickly emerging as a prime option for Law Offices and Corporations of all sizes poised for an exponential growth.  We offer the expertise to draft petitions, write support letters and memorandums, assess and validate support documentation, and provide process and metrics-driven project management.   

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For Individuals 

Whether you’re coming to the U.S. to be a student, trainee, or for business travel, we can help you determine the visa category that is right for you. For those individuals being sponsored by a family member or an employer, we can advise you on various immigration strategies that may be available.