Human Resources


We partner with our clients’ HR and legal departments to navigate the immigration landscape and achieve their global talent needs.  We provide in-depth training for human resources staff, develop internal programs and protocols, and offer resources that support client management of compliance programs.  We  provide thorough analysis and strategic planning for companies to best achieve the relocation of their international personnel. 


Temporary and Permanent Visas


Corporate Compliance

We assist businesses with regulatory compliance efforts in an ever-changing legal framework.

Global Business Visas

Our clients’ success depends on the ability to hire and transfer employees across international boundaries seamlessly and efficiently.   In addition to offering comprehensive U.S. immigration services, we offer effective, single-source solutions to handle our clients’ global mobility immigration needs. Our clients can now enjoy the “one-stop shop” experience by securing legal advice on inbound U.S. visas as well as outbound visas to over 100 countries around the world.


BlackHawk’s Global Business Visas services include:

  • Assistance with visas and work permits for outbound assignments

  • Assessment of whether a work permit or business visitor visa is required

  • Preparation and filing of necessary applications for temporary work and residence permits, entry clearances, and/or entry visas

  • Nexus to connect with relocation management companies

  • ​Provide assistance with passport applications and renewals for certain countries.


Today’s global economy requires companies to remain agile and able to support their clients at a moment’s notice, wherever those clients are located. Increasingly, employees of global organizations must be able to mobilize quickly for international travel. There is no single document more important than the passport when it comes to international travel and the ability of companies to rapidly deploy resources.


BlackHawk can support all your passport needs. Whether an employee requires assistance with renewing an expiring passport or replacing one that’s been lost or stolen, we can guide them through the entire process and support the preparation of all documents needed to get them on their way.

Drivers Licenses for Non-Citizens

 If you’re not a citizen of the United States, getting a drivers license can be confusing. There are many requirements that must be met and identification forms that must be provided. BlackHawk can help you navigate the Motor Vehicle commission’s requirements for getting a license as a non citizen.

Human Resources

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