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Back-End Immigration Petition Processing

BlackHawk is a team of seasoned immigration law experts with over 20 years of experience in the field. We’ve been in this industry long enough to see that the time is now to radically change how immigration process outsourcing works. Your ability to trust an outsourced provider for immigration services means you can save time for higher-value, large-impact tasks. BlackHawk gives you that time by doing so much more than collating and curating data. We offer the expertise to draft petitions, write support letters and memorandums, assess and validate support documentation, and provide process and metrics-driven project management.

Immigration process outsourcing is quickly emerging as a prime option for Law Offices and Corporations of all sizes poised for an exponential growth. It is well evident that outsourcing immigration process saves up to 70% in costs and results in enhanced customer satisfaction. BlackHawk will help you focus on core capabilities by giving your organization the access to cutting edge technology and other innovative services, which will help to scale up revenues by optimizing operating costs and improve organizational performance.

Operating with provocative empathy, we fearlessly challenge the status quo to make good on every promise. And our key promise? We won’t deliver services just to deliver services. We’ll do what it takes — always — to get our clients to a better place.